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Balancing Diversity

Learn about how gender and diversity affect youth in our region and how inclusion and intersectionality can help everyone reach their full potential

Despite substantial effort and gains in many areas, women around ASEAN and Australia continue to face discrepancies in their quality of life. Women face gaps in education, the workplace, and even the home. COVID-19 has only operated to exacerbate those differences and reinforce existing gender inequality in the region.

Do you think there are enough women leaders in your region?

Balancing Diversity explores the need for gender equality in the form of equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. By bridging gender gaps in education and promoting intersectional approaches, we can help everyone achieve their full potential. As young people in the ASEAN-Australia region, we are committed to ending gender inequality and promoting a better and more diverse society.

How important is intersectionality to you?
(1 = not at all, 5 = very)

Take part in a region-wide discussion and seize the opportunity to include your opinions in regional dialogues. 


Share your views and experiences on the Balancing Diversity forum

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Gender Discrepancies in Ed.


Intersectional Approaches

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