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Emerging Economies

Learn how key aspects of trade and investment affect youth in our region and how we can build back better in the face of COVID-19

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the significance of trade and development in the ASEAN-Australia region and beyond. As the digital economy grows, it also escalates the need to provide internet infrastructure to everyone.

The Internet should be considered a necessity, not a luxury: Yes or no?

Collaboration is essential if we are to stabilise and grow the economies of ASEAN and Australia. As young people entering the workforce for the first time during a global pandemic, our perspectives on the road to recovery are integral to the future economic development of the region.

Has COVID-19 has made it harder for young people to find work?

Take part in a region-wide discussion and seize the opportunity to include your opinions in regional dialogues. 


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The Digital Divide


Youth-led Recovery

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