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This year, we are discussing the barriers, challenges, and opportunities that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Head to the stream pages to dig deeper with topic briefs and informative reports. Our dialogues are separated into three streams:

Emerging Economies - Stream Page
Green Recovery - Stream Page
Balancing Diversity - Stream Page
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Driving our dialogues are our delegates, over 60 young leaders from across the ASEAN-Australia regions. Delegates are guided on exploratory missions to engage with their communities. We gather together for a two-day exclusive online conference, workshopping with regional experts on policy generation and ideation.

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Follow our delegates

This year's dialogues are on Covid-Recovery. Delegates are divided into three different focuses: Gender and Diversity, Climate Change and Sustainability, and Trade and Development. Follow their experiences in the delegate blog as they explore these pressing issues.  

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Our aim is to make policy-making inclusive and truly understand how communities are affected by these problems. Let us know your experiences by filling out our surveys on our topic pages, and engage with others from across the ASEAN-Australia regions about theirs on our forum.

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