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Green Recovery

Learn about how environmental issues affect youth in our region and how adapting to these changes is key to COVID-19 recovery.

The strategies for Climate Change and the environment in ASEAN and Australia differ by country. The different engagement tools to respond will define the face of the region during a COVID and post COVID era. Climate change, sustainability, and the environment are the defining issues of our generation.

Do you think individuals can have a meaningful impact on climate change?

Though COVID-19 has occupied the attention of most politicians in recent times, the need to address these issues remains as urgent and pressing as ever. Addressing climate change and promoting sustainability are not issues that a single country can handle alone. As such, we need interregional cooperation and dialogue on these issues, especially from young people in the region.

How much of a priority is climate change in the current COVID-19 era for you?
(1 = low, 5 = high)

Take part in a region-wide discussion and seize the opportunity to include your opinions in regional dialogues. 


Share your views and experiences on the Green Recovery forum

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The Environmental cost of COVID

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Challenges and Opportunities

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