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A remarkable experience of being a Digital Dialogues delegate _ Moe Aye Aye Myint

It has been a true honor and an amazing opportunity for me to be able to have embarked on this journey, along with many brilliant like-minded delegates from all across ASEAN regions and Australia.

Being on the stream of balancing diversity really opened me up to broadening my horizons about pressing issues of gender discrimination, all forms of subjugation, and suppression of the role of women, and others regarded as marginalized groups in political, economic, educational, and many other important aspects. This invaluable knowledge and insights were imparted to us by incredible and inspiring individuals who are prominent in their respective fields, with great specialization and expertise in the area of balancing diversity. It was a really great chance to have open discussions with these amazing individuals and got to comprehend the matter at hand at length and in detail.

The most distinct memory of this short yet incredible two-day program was the session on policy ideation where I got to explore balancing diversity with many different and insightful perspectives from other delegates. We delved into various pressing issues in the area of balancing diversity and brainstormed a lot of achievable and effective solutions together. The process was smoothly facilitated, and I have found this session deeply fulfilling and enlightening.

Overall, all the AASYP team members were really friendly and impressive in a way that they were able to create the program environment warm, welcome, and productive for all delegates. From this program, I was able to extend my knowledge, build connections and networks from all around ASEAN countries and Australia, and exchange ideas and perspectives with other inspiring youths. To wrap things up, it was a memorable learning point for me and it is no exaggeration to say that being an AASYP delegate marks an important step in my lifelong journey.

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